Baby Talk: Life Oblivious

Posted on Feb 3, 2013 in Baby Talk

I’ve been keeping things oblivious, trying to ignore the obvious meteor headed directly for my life. I can’t do it any longer. Baby is coming. Nothing I do will change that. Baby is coming. One way of dealing with this event is to embrace it. And I’m trying. But it’s not easy. This blog – “Baby Talk” – is how I’ll indulge myself, provide an outlet to give shape to the chaos welling up inside…

And I’ve got the easy job. My partner in this mess of creation is the one enduring the morning all-day sickness, the swellings, the cravings…you name it. Yuko’s doing an awesome job. Here she is at three months…

This is me…

(Ralph Steadman)

I’m told things may get better.


  1. I am envious. To recapture the wonder of the way you are feeling for just a moment would be astounding. The future unravels so quick, enjoy the mystery of this time!! This blog is the perfect gift for your child and yourself!! So excited for you and Yewco.

    • Thank you, Rhonda!

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