Little Squirm Visits Lake Louise

Posted on Feb 27, 2013 in Baby Talk


Dear Little Squirm;

You’ve earned a new name because you’ve begun to move around inside your mummy’s tummy so much, flip-flopping, twisting, even doing some somersaulting. Mum’s not feeling as sick as she was a month ago, so we decided a trip into the mountains for some fresh air and exercise would do everyone some good. Last week we drove from Edmonton to Calgary for two nights and then to Lake Louise to stay at the Fairmont Chateau for four more nights. This was the view from our room…


Your mum came down with a terrible cough but that didn’t stop her from hiking up to Lake Agnes in the snow and cross-country skiing on the frozen beauty of Lake Louise.


Isn’t she beautiful? I don’t think you can notice yourself in this photo but you grew a lot during this week. Mum thought it was all the delicious food we ate – and did we ever, including some big buffet breakfasts and tabehodai (all you can eat) Japanese sushi in Banff. But it wasn’t the food that made mum’s tummy grow – it was you. The day after we returned to Edmonton – February 22nd – mum went in for a scheduled ultrasound and we saw you again, this time looking bigger and more defined. We could see your fingers and toes and heard your heartbeat again – 132 bpm, slower than last time and absolutely normal. The doctor told us everything was in its right place and that there was an 80% chance you were a girl! The left-over 20% was the slight possibility that something might spring up over the next few weeks ;0). I’ll keep watch and let you know how that turns out…


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