Ultrasounding Baby

Posted on Apr 12, 2013 in Baby Talk, Blog, Family

Look at you! Look at me! A proud patriarch with his baby-to-be. You’re about 6 months here inside your mummy’s tummy…


This was our last chance to see you this way until you burst onto the scene in July. All systems go, we were told by the doctor. We’re so happy to have you, grateful that the universe is delivering us a healthy and beautiful bundle of wonder. Look at how happy your mum is:


When we feel you jiving around inside mum’s tummy her face lights up – she loves being pregnant with you. So do I, in a different way. A new space has opened up inside me, too. It’s filled every day with plans and dreams about us being together. And some anxieties, as well. Parenting is something you learn on your own and no one sets out to mess it up, but sometimes that can happen. I promise to be the best daddy I can for you and I’ve already been starting. Sleep soundly, Little Squirm, I’ll see you soon.

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