New Chops & Pressure Drops

Posted on Jun 26, 2013 in Baby Talk, Blog, Family, Music, Poetry


(Shelley’s Guitar)

“The artist wrought this lov’d guitar,
And taught it justly to reply
To all who question skilfully,
In language gentle as thine own…”
~ With A Guitar, To Jane

I hope you’ve rehearsed. And I really hope you’ve chosen well. When you arrive, Lulu, you’ll be joining a musical home and that means you’ll be expected to PLAY! We sing, dance, bang on all kinds of stuff and listen to all types of music – poems, songs, lullabies, arias, shanties, jingles, psalms, keenings…you name it, we play it. As a wise old sage, Keith Richards, once said, “It’s all one song, maaaaaan.”


(Keith Richards, 1966)

Last night we were at Esperanza Spalding’s concert and we can’t wait to hear what you thought. How was the sound? Did it shake you up in the womb? Get you kicking up your heels? Your mum and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary and realized this will be our last one alone. That’s fine – we’ve already had 13 to share by ourselves. It’s time to open up the party.


(Esperanza Spalding @ The Winspear)

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