The Big Reveal: Edward Snowden


“It may be legal, but it’s not constitutional” ~ Daniel Ellsberg

 Much is being made of Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who recently revealed NSA abuses from Hong Kong. Whatever you may think about him, he’s already achieved a formidable task; the entire world is now engaged in discussions about government surveillance programs. Obama says he welcomes such a debate, but without Snowden’s unveiling, there’s little doubt he’d be content to remain behind a cloak of secrecy.

(Protests @ the US Consulate in HK supporting Edward Snowden)

Snowden is neither a hero nor a traitor, only a citizen. But while the president apparently welcomes a debate, certain so-called journalists have been busy filling in as sock puppet apologists for government abuses. For these flaccid hacks it’s not treason to spy on millions of Americans; only to expose it. Rather than do the kind of work Glenn Greenwald, or the recently departed Michael Hastings have done, they engage in repeated ad hominem attacks and claim the reports are nothing new. At least their dereliction of duty is transparently pathetic.


(Glenn Greenwald in HK)

Others, such as Jeffrey Toobin, the putz who got the Supreme Court’s 2012 Obamacare ruling wrong, spew in The New Yorker another type of particularly dishonest criticism. In a desperate attempt to wrest the moral high-ground away from Snowden, Toobin tries to redefine “whistleblower” as someone who reveals only illegal activity. That’s patently false. A whistleblower uncovers abuses, corruption and malfeasance, all activities that may not be technically illegal, but only by revealing them do they become so. Snowden is doing precisely what any citizen of conscience should do.

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