Baby Days Are Here!

Posted on Jul 28, 2013 in Baby Talk, Blog

lu5Lucinda “Lulu”

That’s you! Such a beautiful baby girl. You arrived 9:20 am, July 15th at the Royal Alex  weighing 7.1 lbs (3.2 kgs). When your mum’s water began to break on the afternoon of the 14th, I was at the gym. I made a routine call home and after hearing the news I hustled back on my bike, my mind speeding so much further ahead than I could pedal. After arriving we left together with her mum – your grandma – while grandpa stayed home. Once in the car, your mum started experiencing her first contractions…


When we got to the hospital it was about 4:40 pm and mum was immediately taken into a private delivery room. That’s when the contractions started coming harder and faster. Mum took a bath for about 40 minutes and the pain became even more severe. After throwing up her lunch, she was given an epidural and the effect was almost immediate – she became relaxed and the pain subsided. Rather than speed up the delivery, the epidural slowed everything down and the contractions were barely registering. I slipped out to McDonald’s to buy a couple of Filet O’ Fishes for grandma and I. When I returned, our nurse, a 73-year-old “baby whisperer,” gave mum oxytocin to help induce labour and bring on the contractions. Midnight passed making your birthday the same as your grandpa’s, which is a very cool twist of fate.


And a few hours later, you were born! Grandma & Grandpa visited to say hi…


Aren’t you the sweetest thing? Perfect. And we love you.


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