End Of Summer

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 in Baby Talk, Blog


Summer’s finally winding down – today it was only 8° C in the cruel badlands of Edmonton. Soon we’ll tramping through the snow at -20. At least we had a beautiful summer, your very first, Lulu. The grandparents were here for two whole months and they just returned to Niigata, Japan last week. I know you miss grandma’s attention and patience. She’d spend so much time with you every morning and evening before you’d go to sleep. They were such a great help and it was good to be surrounded by the Japanese language. We’re going to raise you in a bilingual home, but it’s a challenge in an English environment. We hope to visit Japan soon so you can meet all your relatives there.


It seems like so long ago, but at the beginning of August we all piled into the car and left Edmonton for Vancouver. We wanted to see the Rockies and spend some time at Lake Louise. After that, we stayed in a condo off Main St. at the edge of False Creek.


That was our launching pad to explore the town and visit Grandma Gallagher and Grandpa Kootnikoff in White Rock.


The weather was perfect and we saw all the sights, even making it up to Whistler. We then went over to Salt Spring Island to spend a week on St. Mary Lake. This was where I spent all my summers from age 6. In fact, we stayed in Cabin 1, the same one we were in for our first summer with grandma’s mum, your great grandma. Here’s mum on the swing right out in front of the cabin.


You were a bit tired – wouldn’t smile for the camera! We saw a family of deer, ate wild blackberries and I went for a swim every morning. We were really lucky this summer to have everything work out so seamlessly. Now we’re on our own, hunkering down for your first winter….

(Your Baby Shower Cake, made by Auntie Amanda!)

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