Dear Jian: You Always Had Moxy


Why did you do it, Jian? Why conflate your own sex life with the CBC’s decision to fire you? In your FB post, not only do you play the victim of prudish and ultimately discriminatory labour practices, you go further and suggest you’re the target of a baseless smear campaign. You sound like a drowning man desperately trying to save his career, and ultimately, his life. It’s all the more heart-wrenching in light of the recent passing of your father.


But who’s smearing who? This whole public/private affair stinks of guilt, and after reading The Toronto Star’s report, it also has the distinct whiff of something much worse. The CBC was probably doing you a favour by offering to keep quiet and allowing you to “quit.” There was no way they were going to be dragged into this mess and stand behind anyone who may eventually use slut-shaming as his defense. I feel sorry for you, Jian. I know you’re hurting, but you’ll be OK, especially with a fat taxpayer-funded settlement. Not sure about the other victims, though. We’ll see soon enough what a “settlement” looks like for them.

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