Third Christmas!

Posted on Dec 25, 2015 in Baby Talk


Lulu is growing up! You’re almost 2.5 years and enjoying your third Christmas. Today Santa left you a Peppa Pig school house and some play-doh. Your Japanese grandparents gave you a Sylvanian Rabbit home, and your Canadian grandma has sent you a surprise that should arrive soon. We’re now living in Hong Kong where the weather is much warmer in winter than in Edmonton. You love to play outside (soto) in the playground on the tire-swing and slides.

Every day you’re using more and more words in both English and Japanese. Soon you’ll be speaking fluently and teaching us about your own world. From Monday to Thursday you attend a playgroup and draw pictures and make little crafts. You also love collecting treasures and working with play-doh. Some of your favourite characters are Anpanman, Caillou, Tayo, and Pororo.


We recently went to a photo shoot and had these pictures done. You really liked the photographer and posed like a natural. You’ve grown into such a beautiful little girl in such a short time! We love you.



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