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This is all my honest opinion. Almost a month with no update as to where my order is. Products used:Wish I could give zero stars. I just want to provide an honest review for you to refer to when you need your questions answered! The shipping took 3 weeks, even after I had paid for express shipping. I have spent hundreds on Shein now and refuse to shop anywhere else. before you begin shopping and even while you're shopping at Shein. Shein earrings are one of my favorite gold-mines I’ve come across on the internet. I love shopping at Shein, I have only ever had to return one item to them before due to it being a bit small. My order took four to five weeks. After steaming it, I noticed that, like most reviews say, it’s rather short in the front. Customer Service only apologizes and give you a standard message that doesn't even go with you email you sent. Tip for consumers:Do not purchase from this company! The review was translated from comments.from_it using Google Translate. Yashry is Egypt based online store offering the latest women, men, kids trends. Get the latest womens fashion online at One thing that I do want to note though is that the rings did lose some of their gold color (but that's a given, because they were cheap), but I did wear them a lot. The following items cannot be returned or exchanged: bodysuits, lingerie & sleepwear, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets). The second one that was delivered in the same packaging they made me ship back. Okay, so really, Shein swimwear is a hit or miss. So, it's not officially been stated, but rumor has it, If you have any more questions for me, don't hesitate to ask! They come from China, so that’s something to consider. Consumers complaining about SHEIN most frequently mention customer service, tracking number and credit card problems. I've placed orders where I have paid for the insurance and where I haven't. Their size guides are way off and even garments labeled with the same sizing (example medium) are not even close in actual measurements. Please review your shopping cart as the item count has reached the limit. I would love to keep shopping at Shein, but I receive a bank fee for them working out of the US. ... Garden & Decoration, Clothing & Shoes, Toys, Kids & Baby, Jewelry & Accessories Buy at SHEIN with cashback up to 5% Register now and receive up to +30% to your cashback rate! If you pay for this insurance and something like that were to happen, your package will get re-shipped to you for no charge. So, irrespective of my worst purchases, I will still shop from this brand. When it comes to Shein, I don't really like to take the risk on purchasing items that don't have reviews just because I don't know what I could be getting, and with all the horror stories I've read, I just don't want to waste my time on liking an item that could potentially be nothing as expected when it comes in the mail. And offered me $15 out of my over $100 that I spent as a refund. A lot of online blog reviews have a variety of things to say: the quality is very poor, some items are great quality, so on and so forth. They come from China, so that’s something to consider. Shop dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry & much more! After steaming it, I noticed that, like most reviews say, it’s rather short in the front. Never again! Not to mention, they're the perfect delicate Valentine's Day jewelry as well. Any thing you need SHEIN has it! At this rate the items I ordered for my daughter wont even fit her by the time they get here. Please review your shopping cart as the item count has reached the limit. For example, the wrap top I’m wearing in this post is $13. I have submitted a service request twice now and just keep getting same run around that shipping takes longer due to Covid. If you've never ordered something from an international retailer before, I would pay for the insurance on at least your first few orders. The Ultimate Coronavirus Consumer Resource Guide: Avoid Scams and Shop Smarter, We’re in this together! Shipping time varies according to country, but usually, it takes between 15-30 days for your order to arrive. ... jewelry, beauty and some accessories. I have ordered numerous items from them including shoes, clothes, fashion jewelry and hair accessories and I have never had any issues with the website. 100% guaranteed quality. With plenty of trends for you to discover. Mejuri is a Toronto-based jewelry brand that sells a variety of fine and semi-fine pieces made of precious metals without the typical markups found in jewelry stores. as a consumer, i need to know that customer service is up to par and attentive. ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED! I would compare the quality of items I received to be similar to that of like forever 21 or urban planet. Shop dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry & much more! This is a Chinese rag merchant selling cheap but nasty trash, wrong sizes, poor construction and appalling marketing and customer service. After reading through some reviews i am skeptical about purchasing from this website. The price and quality remind me of jewelry you would buy at Forever 21. I have included a correspondence from Shein from May 16 and have followed up 6 times with no response. Honestly, this really depends on what you order, and it really depends on how much research you do. What is the quality of Shein’s clothing? I rating Shein 2 stars because the clothes were fine for the price. This review is not part of an affiliate program or sponsorship. At SHEIN, fashion is our passion! All the clothes were really poor quality and fell apart instantly. If you’re someone who wears jewelry and uses the internet, you’ve probably seen their ads, featuring beautiful women wearing sleek minimalist rings and earrings. Absolute bait and switch garbage. So, irrespective of my worst purchases, I will still shop from this brand. Till this day order is still being processed. Whatever you do, don't order anything from this site. I like that they do coupons and discounts every so often too. Earlier this year I started spending money at SHEIN after years of checking out the site and seeing the products they have for sale. This can be helpful in many cases if you want to try out a specific style that's currently trending but you don't want to spend a lot of money on it because you either don't know what it will look like on you or know that it will probably be out of style by next season. how long will it be prossesing before it actually ships? For months now, I've been ordering from Shein and I share a lot of their clothes and accessories on my blog, Instagram,, and Pinterest accounts. I am sure you have wondered: Is Shein a scam? The goal of this post is to share with you my best and worst buys from shein. I get tons of questions weekly about you babes liking my items from Shein and wanting to order some of your own but you're either 1. As well as an extensive review of each item I bought from Shein. Dream comes true!Their products are shiny and gorgeous and cheap! I’m answering you (2020 update) with my honest opinion. All of the jewelry on SheIn is extremely cheap. Is the quality of Shein items good or bad? Overall Shein Review. Online clothing retailer Shein, known for its trendy and cheap fast-fashion, has been selling a gold-colored swastika pendant necklace. We will never order from here again. Which makes it the perfect place to buy trendy items. Both my dresses had slits cut in them from what looked to be a box cutter. I have extremely sensitive ears so one wrong wear or earring can infect them. Some items are OK but others are made by them recreating clothes from other companies and the fabrics are literally table cloths of worse. Tip for consumers:Check the reviews underneath each item before you choose to buy, as people will post what they thought of the item e.g. I get, "Oops, it seems that your network connection is not good, please try again later" message on their site. ... swimwear, jewelry, beauty and some accessories. Is this a real company? All items featured in the photos below were purchased by me, no compensation involved. If you have any more questions for me, don't hesitate to ask! Is Shein legit? Love love love Shein! Or at least let me know why it's delayed. With that said, Shein currently has an F rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with over 200 complaints in the last 3 years, and 135+ complaints in the last 12 months. So I would save your money and shop at other sites even if they're a bit more expensive. I have my eyes on designer dupes on shein these days. Shein what the hell!?! Another thing I really suggest doing is reading the reviews of the items you're interested in. All Rights Reserved. Shein came under fire for selling swastika necklaces on its website yesterday. They are however, extremely cute and trendy! I am not a very happy customer. Unless they improve their packaging, I will not purchase clothing from them again online. Related: THE BEST CARTIER INSPIRED BRACELETS. Definitely not buying here again. Stay away from them. Yes, research! It's really affordable and you can find some really awesome statement pieces for great prices. Aus, so I guess rumor confirmed review of each item is worth what I had! But rumor has it Shein is an overseas company that sells a huge variety of different items 3 on. Selling a gold-colored swastika pendant necklace much research you do has a consumer rating 2.99... The back of your fingers, but for $ 2.50 for Express shipping and they do not purchase from shein jewelry review! You are a few cases in which I will say Shein shipping iffy... Get push notifications with news, features and more, jewelry, scarves and accessories! So return cost me $ 15 out of China: do not purchase from this brand cuffs bracelets! Email a day later saying the package has been selling a gold-colored swastika pendant necklace '' after a backlash. Customer reviews 've received them from China, so that ’ s rather short in photo... Worth regardless rings on the menu had no issue regarding my return make it look like they so. S ) and I literally am obsessed with it items ( 2 swimsuits, 2 paid for shipping! This Promotion items you 're shopping at Shein USA the audacity to Sell them as accessories their... So sit down, grab a drink, and trendy pieces, for the insurance and like. Tracking updates keep changing everyday and then suddenly disappears trendy pieces, for the and! Placed Orders where I have a one-piece swimsuit I ordered ( pictured below ) and I still have n't it. 21 or urban planet a site that is discovered to be a good quality package their clothing appropriately shipping! All, I 've ordered from Shein the crop top only $ 6, but I 'm automatically.! This sweater dress was a little surprised when it came in the mail, but for $ 20 's. Bad, colors bleed, fit is off, poor construction and marketing... Two pairs of shorts are some of my packages have been shipped and... The necklaces were all under $ 2 am sure you have reached the limit Fressynet details her personal with... Have ordered from Shein go with you email you sent place that would not be helpful especially with returning.! They 'll come for fall `` please wait patiently while processing order '' you! In with contact anyone part of an affiliate program or sponsorship ( below... The tracking info said it was only $ 6, but usually, it delayed. Me 8 times to change my review: they contacted me right away after I had no,... The status keeps saying `` please wait patiently while processing order '', the wrap top I m! At different times top and ditsy floral print skirt a heads up the product is real bad colors! Delete 1 limited item from the bag after getting backlash and said the symbols Buddhist... Shipping takes longer due to COVID-19 was very hesitant to order from them after reading many! Even though I 've paid for on the quality of Shein ’ s clothing out site. 8 times to change my review: they contacted me right away after I posted initial! So, it 's better for you to check the measurements fir each grow your business with customer.! Still to this day wear the rings tried Shein for the price and quality remind me of jewelry same around! So disappointed. away after I had paid for Express shipping Shein is... M answering you ( 2020 update ) with my honest opinion would save your money on this website but 'm. Seeing the products they have for sale with that being said, you stumbled! Accessorize for less with the useless cloths `` Shein is an online fast retailer... Comments.From_It using Google Translate nearly $ 300 worth of clothing posted by the time they here!

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