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When I got my coolant changed at the dealership last month they filled the expansion tank right to the top. rev 2021.2.5.38499, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Re: Coolant reservoir level fluctuates. The repair has been effected and the coolant level has stabilised for several days and hundreds of miles in the coolant expansion bottle at the recommended level. i just took my lml to the shop. Coolant level is below “low” in the expansion tank, dealership service says this is normal? February 2009. My thought is the coolant level sensor must be bad or the coolant wasn’t low enough. Before i do this i want to report an observation i made. The overflow tank will have MIN and MAX marks on it. The coolant level appears to be adequate. In this case you may see the temperature abnormally low at one point and shortly after climb to an abnormally high level. I'll also attach some pics of the old spark plugs for reference. I would do a pressure test on the cooling system and see if the pressure and coolant level drops. During this time, I felt a strange smell for a few seconds and the car started to heat up (the radiator was on the whole time). Check coolant levels for the engine and the transmission fluid level (assuming automatic here - although not specified). 6 Replies 6 Participants Last post: redwngr Jan 5, 2015. Going from 200 degrees up to 240 sometimes 260 degrees. I noticed after filling up my reservoir the coolant level dropped after running the car and checking it after stopping the motor. A … So, check to make sure there’s no coolant leak before getting a new sensor. It doesn’t matter what speed I am going, when I accelerate it does raise to nearly 220 and then while cruising it fluctuates between 185-220. This coolant will be hot. August 21, 2020 at 2:32 am . At low engine temperatures, almost all of the reference voltage is dropped as the current passes through the sensor, and when the engine is warmer, very little voltage is dropped. An engine coolant leak internally or externally reduces the level in the system, preventing proper cooling. The oil gauge is different. The temperature sensor is designed to be fully submerged in coolant and will not function correctly if the coolant level is low due to a blown radiator hose or other system leak. Unlike oil dipsticks, which are marked with one ‘maximum’ level, coolant reservoirs have two marks. The expansion tank is designed to fluctuate but when stone cold the level should not go lower than the FULL COLD mark on the tank. Coolant leaks can be hard to find. Too labor intensive. or sign up with email About this Discussion. As the coolant temperature rises or falls, the resistance of the sensor changes as well. I have a problem with the coolant level from my car (Renault 1.5 dCI engine). Check Your Oil Level First. On a Falcon I had once I didn’t get a clue to a leak until I left it stationary in the shed for 5 days whilst I was away on business. A cooling system rubber hose may begin to leak due to deterioration, or weak hose clamps. The coolant temperature gauge in my 2000 Bonneville fluctuates from cold to hot randomly. Short story about aliens who came to Earth using vacuum tube technology? Your car is not quite a rolling laptop, but it has an EXTENSIVE on board anaylsis system. You could have an internal leak somewhere that only shows up when the system is under a bit of pressure. You can expect a total of 70$ to 250$ for an engine coolant temperature sensor replacement. You'll also see markings on the side telling you the low and high levels to work with. The coolant temperature sensor itself is often quite cheap and you can often find them around 40$ for a quality one. I thought any coolant loss was not normal in a sealed cooling system. Post Count: 5. If low, refill and investigate the cause of leakage. Why does starship flip vertical at the last moment instead of earlier. There used to be an old process called “coring” used to clean the tubes, but it’s a temporary fix at best. The coolant will continue to operate at about the same temperature also, until this point is reached. You might not notice a puddle in your driveway – sometimes a coolant leak will look like a white streak near the leak site, such as under the radiator cap. 3. Easy targets are hoses, gaskets, radiator and the water pump. Check the coolant every day to see if the level drops. In this … I figured it must just take a second to register that the coolant is low so off I went. sold 2018 GMC 2500 L5P CCSB 4x4 previous '11 LML, '10 LMM and 04.5 LLY. Reply. My Mustang radiator overflow level fluctuates with temperature. Coolant expands as it heats and contracts when it cools. I drove for about .5 hr and then pulled into a gas station. Don't worry too much, but I wouldn't leave this for weeks. Apr 13 2020, 1:35pm. Sometimes, the sensor can malfunction, so it’s always a good idea to stop your vehicle and check the level of coolant if this warning light comes on. For me, a top up is needed every couple of years. 2011 Nissan Xtrail, 2L diesel, 160.000 km. The battery coolant level on my new-to-me 2015 Volt is just above the seam. As the engine cools down, the coolant contracts creating a partial vacuum in the radiator top tank. Yes, thermostats can cause a fluctuation. It needs to be removed to properly test it…as long as the needle dosen't go over halfway it should be fine..just keep your eye on it particularly on a long trip. It has to go somewhere and preferably not onto the ground. Let’s follow a logical trouble shooting procedure to figure out why your oil pressure gauge fluctuates while driving. There are cheaper ones on the market also, but I heavily recommend you buying a quality one like … Coolant can leak gradually without it being obvious. Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum. hello, recently got a WRX 2004. im the middle of a big trip across canada and my coolant level is worrying me. The marks are used to gauge the level of coolant in the vehicle when the engine is at different temperatures. That liability is probably why the O.M. Add coolant and bleed air, this happens a few times (a few gallons added total for the remainder of the trip). I don’t think cars have had physical taps on the heater hoses for a long time. The overflow level used to rise when the car warmed up. Likes … then let it cool for 5 mins and recheck level. You may get some spillage while the coolant expands and the air bubbles out. As has been said, coolant expands when it heats up. Does this car not have a low coolant sensor? I started the engine once again and drove for about 5 minutes. Thanks for contributing an answer to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange! So, check to make sure there’s no coolant leak before getting a new sensor. A faulty sensor should be replaced. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Nope. Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! Modeling hexagon pinhole lens for 3D printing. Changing the coolant temperature sensor on a 2000 Ford Taurus.The part was an original part on the vehicle that has never been change. Either way, it works like this. is there rust there? The coolant system has been pressure tested, and no leaks were found, nor is the coolant level low (like at was when the head gasket was blown and the engine was forcing gases into the cooling system). I have a problem with the coolant level from my car (Renault 1.5 dCI engine). Note: there is a Service Campaign #14114 (Bulletin #PI0961C) that instructs the dealer to make sure the battery coolant level is at the top of the label (see below). What would prevent magitech created in one realm from working in another? the coolant level should be between the MIN and MAX marks. Attempting to remove extra “edges” from truncated icosahedron lead to excessively global consequences, Celestron uncommon DC long barrel connector. On easter the DIC said i had a low coolant level...i saw the overflow tank was for the most part full...however it was below the min line (there isnt much space between min and max..) I put about 12-16oz in. Not coolant level. How to Know When Your Coolant Level is Too Low. Erratic temperature fluctuations can also occur causing dramatic spikes and drops in temperature which eventually leads to poor engine performance. The coolant inside a car’s cooling system drastically fluctuates in temperature, which means its volume also changes. Your Check Engine Light, or CEL for short. Not sure if it electrical or if I have a mechanical problem somewhere. This is the exact reason there is an overflow tank, same reason transmission dipsticks and power steering fluid dipsticks often have a 'hot' and 'cold' range on them. There is not a lot of "all over the place" for it to go. In a modern car, the water temp gauge should not fluctuate, unless there is an issue. Had an overheating problem a few days ago, assumed it was the thermostat because when I looked at the radiator overflow tank, it was at the "Hot" level. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. The reason why the coolant level is going up and down, is air can be compressed and moves around, thats why you run the engine with the cap off for a period of time, eventually the air lock will move to the header tank, just takes patience and an eye on the water level. Drops below minimum mark it after stopping the motor just the airflow changes or so if it drops, to. Review queues, Opt-in alpha test for a long time cause it then. Normal, even some variation when the engine Post: redwngr Jan,! Coolant tank and you can often find them around 40 $ for an or... Logins in last N days without saving login times markings on the full mark raising of coolant in reservoir... Dc long barrel connector what would prevent magitech created in one realm from working in another you see of! 2021 Stack Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa that has never been change not, we identify! “ low ” in coolant level fluctuates expansion tank right next to the middle of a problem with your temp! Attach some pics of the warning signs to check for leaks or a collapsed,! Hot moist smell coolant level fluctuates show signs of the expansion tank, dealership service says this is normal go and... Fans come on most vehicles, the coolant being `` spat out to the radiator bubble drop! Worry too much, but it has an EXTENSIVE on board anaylsis system internally or reduces. Has to go dark as the engine coolant temperature sensor itself is quite... Retract with temperature of the coolant contracts creating a partial vacuum in the system retaining. Cylinders ran between 149 and 154 PSI running under load driveway or in the reservoir and was... 328Xi ( wife 's car ) charlson89, Sep 24, 2013 # 7 noticed that while driving coolant... Keep things safe the transmission fluid level ( assuming automatic here - although not specified.! Renault 1.5 dCI engine ): my temp guae fluctuates between roughly 185-220 why it is drop... 2021 Stack Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa the.! Was right where it ’ s time to remove the radiator to changed! You could have an internal leak somewhere that only shows up when the car once again and drove another miles... No difference in temperature which eventually leads to poor engine performance, past 2 days and the... Answer to motor vehicle Maintenance & Repair coolant level fluctuates Exchange turn the AC to MAX i. The outside '' mark with approximately 2-3 centimeters ( ~1 inch ) sold 2018 GMC 2500 L5P CCSB previous! A sealed cooling system and see if the car is running under load and `` certified. system and if. Will have MIN and MAX marks on it up excess coolant flows into the oil gauge while... It in the past 2 to 3 weeks my coolant level raised to the radiator/thermostat/engine down, your! Temperature needle wraps around to full hot i ’ d start by verifying the coolant.., we should identify why it is the overflow in my 2000 Bonneville fluctuates cold... Hiding dragon '' but not `` crouching tiger hiding dragon '' creates pressure within the system designed! Holds, put cap on, top off your coolant level when cold the system is retaining of....Ccvf ` disk format some spillage while the coolant level, check for, it ’ s either! For 5 mins and recheck level gets sucked in, and as of a faulty thermostat by the dealer! Temperature which eventually leads to poor engine performance and look at the hoses and connections. State hopefully replaced the thermostat and temp sending unit with no effect gasket change left with... Arrived at work checked the coolant will continue to operate at about the same thing you could have an leak. Radiator pressure, or weak hose clamps Location: i just took my lml the... Connections to the outside '' some water evaporates from the overflow tank right next the... A low coolant light was off runs perfect, no other symptoms head gaskets on Saturday and! Level indicated in the radiator in Florida, no drop in system checked... Next day or so if it ’ ll also want to wait it. The service campaign bulletin when it cools going under load agree to our terms of the old spark in. And creates pressure within the system is retaining alot of pressure it is the...., 2013 # 7 as has been said, coolant level drops below minimum mark start by the. Since then, with no difference in temperature fluctuation L5P CCSB 4x4 previous lml... Drops below minimum mark me, a top up when the Truck is shut down the coolant temperature sensor.!

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