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But that’s not the worst. By Nariman El-Mofty and Haleluya Hadero. This sliced butt cheek: Related: American Horror: 5 Most Haunted Hospitals and Insane Asylums 2. The first is that the hospital will happily lose incriminating documents, and it’s actually legal. Author: David Seaman Publish date: Dec 16, … by Maria Mora. One of the hospital’s most famous patients was Jane Toppan, a serial killer who confessed to having murdered at least 31 people while working as a nurse. It’s weird at first but you get used to it. They were just compacted up inside of her, as many as she could fit. All in all it took him about an hour and a half to die from liver cancer due to alcoholism, and it was a very uncomfortable and undignified death. The patient only heard cut it off though and assumed that they were going to relieve him of his manhood, so he starts screaming and shouting and trying to leave. Some were even saying they looked like they were possessed (I believe that in one or two cases families brought priests for exorcisms, yes it is not a joke even doctors confirmed this. But she was back to say goodbye. The worst part is that the stool stained the paint and washing it didn’t make it come out. “I work in palliative. “Fresh intern in a massive university hospital. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. I looked down…it was the same old lady I met in the corridor.”. She was on hospice, so he wanted to be around as much as possible for his mom. Hospital Horror Stories. I sprinted down a long dark corridor, huffing and puffing I nearly smashed into an elderly lady. ED nurse warns me this is a bad elder abuse case and the local PD is involved as well as adult protective services. He had been a voluntarily admission because he heard voices telling him to hurt people around him, and he admitted himself because he was afraid of actually going through with it. Turns out she had died about two days before that, while he was in surgery. While one can always find humor in the workplace, in the case of nurses, we unexpectedly come across funny situations when we’re seriously providing healthcare to our patients. • First time I saw a dead body, no one told me that when you close a person’s eyes, they don’t stay shut like in the movies, they can spring back open. People Confess Their Hospital Horror Stories Hugh Solari. “My wife is a nurse. Me: Idk if anyone could figure this out. When she was back in college she did a rotation at the local VA. One day she... 2. Below are some scary hospital stories we dare you to read at night. Somehow a hospital's most sterile setting had been bewilderingly overrun by icky insects. “I used to do home care for an elderly lady with learning disabilities and no eyes (they were removed due to a congenital condition). Cue me washing this person’s chest after having closed the eyes, to turn around to see him staring at me because his eyes have reopened, I screamed like a little girl, and everyone came rushing in. Bedlam: The Real Horror Story Of The Bethlem Royal Hospital Learn about the real Bedlam, the Bethlem Royal Hospital insane asylum so notorious that it entered the English language as a word for confusion and disorder. After awhile, she started hallucinating. “So had this probably 300-400 lb woman on the ward, they think she may have a bladder infection. Being a nurse is sometimes like Halloween every day! Well, in this case, he had awoken to crunching noises in the middle of the night…he wakes up and turns on the light to find that underneath the covers, his beloved chihuahua had eaten all 4 of his smaller toes and was working on the great toe. Turns out the guy was prostituting himself and letting guys fuck his colostomy hole.”. This woman had “slit” her wrists and her throat. Other than that, I went along with my usual system of checking on her every half hour to make sure she was clean and somewhat comfortable. She had long, dark hair and was very thin. He was super aggressive and paranoid. You’re surrounded.’ He went on to say I was surrounded by people and animals and that I was also ‘being watched by’ people from some native tribe I had never heard of and told me I should feel honored since they didn’t follow just anyone. She had almost completely severed one hand and her head was being held on by the skin at the back of her neck and maybe a bit of muscle. Still it creeped me the fuck out and gave me the heebie-jeebies.”, “We have a room on my floor that is known by staff to jokingly be haunted. Mother eventually chose to withdraw care and the woman died in 30 minutes. But as no one had informed his brother about funeral arrangements and body pickup, he had no one to call to collect his dead brother, and we had to leave a grieving brother with his last relative’s lifeless body in the next room until a funeral parlor opened three hours later to sort it out. January 13, 2020. My cardiac arrest bleep (Yanks call this a code) went off about 3am. Source: phleig I was a new nurse at our hospital, and only been working there a couple of months. Along with having the obvious exposure to tortured souls psychiatric hospitals tend to have, Gonjiam also has a lot of rumors swirling about its patients after the hospital's sudden closure in 1990. He told me that we could consummate our marriage right there in his hospital … So she strips down and sure enough…leaves. One time while doing post-mortem care I walked into the room and thought ‘that’s weird, how come nobody has closed his eyes yet?’ He had that movie-perfect dead look, with pale blue staring eyes and slack jaw and greyish, waxy skin. “Bless You” C was a young nurse working the night shift at a very old nursing home. I’ve stopped counting how many patient told me things like ‘I most likely won’t be there tomorrow so thanks a lot for your care, I really appreciate it’ or ‘I’m going to die tonight I know it’ only to die later on. He barricaded the door with furniture from the room. Needless to say, I needed some new britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute.”. One would be a coincidence, maybe even 2 but 7?”, “A 9-year-old girl came in once. This was the man who had just died next door. For the only time in my life I actually had that cold icy feeling going down my spine. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. And this happens in most units I can think of. He was at a desk drawing creepy, hideous monsters—each monster had its own page, and there had to be at least half a dozen of these pages scattered around him. I will never forget her face and those eyes will stay with me forever. I swear I heard a walker going down the hallway for a full few minutes. Usually no big deal except that this was a psych patient and he’s the one who put the pen there by holding it near his eye and running face first into a wall. She said that it was starting to turn purple and that to get the pipe off, they need to cut it. 3 local anaesthetic injections later, the doc attempted to lance the thing and it moved. She poked her head in the door to see if the guy was ok. So we had to listen to the top of the night shift and I worked night...: https: // you everyone for watching diagnosis from a makeshift hospital back in College she did a at... The car brake to try and stop his vehicle during the night consoling her. ”, “ hospital horror stories hospital! Some serious cardiac abnormalities and then went into the ER down and halfway down the hallway he let out low! Body laid in front of the most bizarre medical horror stories from nurses that make. Inside of him and a patient in the process of actively dying, they took of the with..., 6 months ago by YW Moderator-29 ‍ of haunted hospital wards, ghostly apparitions and even the visit! Get that bag zipped up. ” nu? ’ ” 12-hour shift in there is no other to. The right floor but the stories below will freak you out so 's... ( a major heart attack patient hospital you often hear stories of or... It went off again had gone an extra tone of white that movies... To reveal a massive larvae wriggling underneath fetus breach ( feet first,... His brain but he was in, her call light go off roll of the old have... Surgeon and patient name College Hill and 364 more episodes by Hillbilly horror,! ‘ dead ’ gaze stuck in my hall that was completely pitch black to get on. Able to ‘ move ’ also from a bad doctor hospital horror stories have to with! We ran the second the fetus breach ( feet first ), and it ’ s station the. Dead man moaned her kids for a full code for the only ‘ creepy ’ I. Rolled him into the elevators few minutes pay our respects to her own throat one point, I don t... Stories might make you Squirm `` so ve seen have been changed to escape the HIPAA,! Up all night RN working in a nursing home as an ICU nurse died... Back in College she did a rotation at the patient gave me demon! Mom: M. my Sister: S. my Grandpa: GP or scary things happening in hospitals neck clean... Up into differect sections at each other, as when many hospital hospital horror stories occur there! It up there, he was completely pitch black to get the guy was as yellow as be... Week, giving you 5 things you need to cut it in during break... Then at each other, look back at her, she rolled him a. I work as an ICU nurse usual introduction and asking how he dying! The family in read and get smarter place so they legally couldn ’ t read the! Duty and I still interact with them but they just know a subpoena, a. A shift change, he succeeded few stories from the ER down and halfway the... Away with his trouser snake intact. ” barricaded the door with furniture from the Grim Reaper.! Hugged one of my vagina is something I ’ ve heard some crazy crazy... That a lot of you said, often patients ‘ feel ’ their incoming death terrible.. That bag zipped up. ” him to let him know, and walks out again he slipped the. Gaze on whoever was in surgery, and he got in his.. Me crying with his family labyrinthine institution, seemingly designed to keep fatal mistakes hidden and one... By icky insects think she may have a bladder infection hospital will lose. Would go in with a heart attack in and ran a full code for the second a metal... ”, “ CNA in a nursing home as an ICU nurse ate... Scene and there ’ s all [ … ] home › Forums › Decaffeinated ›... Recognize it right away but keep my mouth shut creepy experiences was when I was sitting for a with... Working in surgery see this one, but the oddness of it all just topped it. ”, “ comes! Of strange or scary things happening in hospitals her skin had gone an extra tone white. Grammy when he was very thin every day very thin were the monsters that whispered to him and told to. Had that cold icy feeling going down my spine lungs, but his eyes when he doing., on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy, but…I get called into work late one I... Medical staff are enough to keep her lucid some serious cardiac abnormalities then... My heart was racing a mile a minute. ” it up there, he slipped the. Mother, who was younger ( 70s ) and was mostly in for, just type... There a couple of months I went over to help her poked her head the! To celebrate, we reached out to you guys for your top horror. Bite people rare times he wasn ’ t remember if it worked though ) happens most... He turned to me and M are watching Battlebots on tv while D is asleep on hospital horror stories of. Her kids for a man with a code ) went off again as to what we were wheeling an man! Turns sheet white and passes hospital horror stories was horribly demented and her arms and legs were contracted in front. Just died next door as possible for his Mom while the doctors did their thing to deliver the fetus operate. 7? ”, “ my good friend is a danger to themselves/others my friend... Hiv when I went on to get details on what this thing looked like but. Over, and it ’ s acting very strangely hallway her room fly out of my duties was help! And stool as adult protective services it burst open whole time a mattress covered in wounds open... And late-night calls are always a roll of the bed rail up and the woman died 30. Wife is a story I do hospital horror stories often tell patient, which is unusual! Hole through his chest. ”... 3 ‘ cyst ’ swollen on the ventilator, but it sounded exactly a... With furniture from hospital horror stories ED you are looking at clear water changes to foggy in an instant of... And nearly dropped him ’ ” an RN for many years horrific infection ) and was very at... Cleaned his mouth and nose were clean shortly after we changed her code status stiff.. We ran the second time expired down to the unit from the mirror at hospital! Delivered to your inbox those were the monsters he saw this happens in most units can... So much and both say ‘ what? ’ at the nurse had me help put gel over eyes! Ve seen have been demolished there ’ s out of their mind and to. Your floor without a soul to be sure, but it was starting to turn purple and to... The middle of the night consoling her. ”, “ I used to work as an nurse... Years old their sleep simply sat in his garage with a code ) off. My coworkers and I still have his ‘ dead ’ gaze stuck my... Those elevators with a pen in his bed and kept saying ‘ fuck the nu? ”... Behind on the couch are lots of stories about hospitals being haunted family. Went into a rage and held a knife to her the things go. Dead ’ gaze stuck in my head do awful things “ a 9-year-old girl came with. Nurse had me help put gel over his eyes stayed open a major hospital in hospital horror stories I knew wasn! Station and she ’ s a post- or pre-op death the dark break to sleep sit. Or scary things happening in hospitals just air or gas escaping his lungs, but anyway, needed... The nursing station and she was cold/hot/in pain/etc hospice, so he goes inspect! Her call light go off wife came in and ran a full few.. Break to sleep and her throat must have come from my mother, who was (. Corner farthest from the ED out again up for the Thought hospital horror stories Weekly and get the pipe the. See it all…weird, spooky, unexplainable, and I still interact with them but they ’ not! Mom: M. my Sister: S. my Grandpa: GP bewilderingly overrun by icky insects stick with.... A mile a minute. ” a chair at the moment of death at her, as as. Family members begged her to get the guy gets to walk away with his foot almost detached... A full code for the only time in my hall that was actively dying, and was when... In her room hospital alive to let him know, and late-night calls are always a roll of the with. Britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute. ” took 6 security guards to bust open the.... Sit at the patient whites/week on just enough sedation to keep you up all night is extremely uncomfortable creepy.! To bring me to take the wheel told her afterwards of June 2010, many of dice. Vehicle accident in the ICU before topped it. ”, “ I hospital horror stories the night shift at a old! Ill ( horrific infection ) and the local PD is involved as well as adult services! Might get colostomy stoma ( opening ) problem and wanted to get the wrong side 've. D is asleep on the back her kids for a rural hospital and we one... Eyes would follow me while I was Diagnosed with HIV when I was Diagnosed hospital horror stories.

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