making jam from frozen fruit

Measure the sugar needed depending on the type of fruit used. I haven’t made jam with frozen damson plums, so I am not 100% sure. Did you know that you can freeze that fruit and use it to make jam during the fall or winter, when the weather has cooled down? You see, I have made countless batches of jam and jelly in my day and I like to share the recipes and instructions with my readers. But you don’t have to use any if you don’t want to. Fruit - Your jam will only be as good as the fruit that you put into it, so be sure to choose ripe fruit.Overripe or under-ripened fruit won't taste as good and may cause problems with the jelling process. If you use a ‘no sugar needed’ pectin, you may reduce the sugar and it should still set up. You can freeze rhubarb quite easily. Wow…that is quite an undertaking! Just thaw your peaches to measure them. If you don’t have access to starfruit, you can substitute pineapple. I hope this helps. How to make strawberry jam with frozen strawberries. Crushing releases some of the fruit's natural pectin. You will not pay any extra for these products. This is a great time-saver. Making too much will cause the jam mixture to heat unevenly and could effect the pectin's ability to thicken. Place the fruit into a saucepan and cover with 250ml water and bring to the boil. Make a note about what recipe you intend to use. Having another go today as have 6kg of frozen damsons to get rid of before this years crop! Continue to mash the fruit together until you have the desired size and amount of fruit chunks. And a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding! I use the cottage smallholder site a lot for jam and the river cottage recipe books - there's one on preserves. Cook, stirring regularly for 15 to 25 minutes, until the fruit thickens and reduces by … It’s best to use unsweetened frozen fruit. My son froze his nectarines whole. Keeps for 1 week in fridge. Not everyone has their own berry patch or orchard. Thank you for hosting this link party every week. So do I! When making gooseberry jam from frozen berries do you use less sugar than for the recipe for fresh gooseberries? Freezer Pectin - This is used to thicken the jam.It is available in liquid and powder form. A great post! It takes time to pick them, I typically pick 1-4 cups at a time and throw them into the freezer. Stir together until the mixture begins to come together. If the jam or jelly ‘sheets’ and sticks to the spoon, it should jell up once cool. Keep your batches of jam small. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Put a ceramic plate in the freezer. Remove the jam from heat and allow it to cool for about 5 minutes, then stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon so that the fruit is evenly distributed. Sour cherry jam is wonderful in homemade yogurt or kefir. Hi Leona, I hope that this is helpful. Jam made from frozen fruit will taste infinitely fresher and more delicious than a six- or seven-month-old jam even if it is made in peak season. I have just been given two large bags of cooking apples that need using up quickly. Hugs, I would suggest the following steps… Undercooking is more likely to cause a thin or syrupy jam. You may need to increase the amount of pectin added to the jam or jelly. I am coming out of hiding to try to do a little blogging again here and there. I’m in the middle of canning spaghetti sauce right not or I would go check that out. It turns out great each time. I freeze them for later when life isn’t so hectic. Usually over cooking jam will cause it to get gooey or have a scorched flavor. I do add sugar because it brings out the natural flavor in the fruit. Yup. – Do not experiment with the ingredients in the recipes or you may end up with some that don’t set You can freeze the harvest when you don't have time to process jam and jelly, then make your preserves later. You'll be able to choose which fruit you use, including fruit you grow yourself. Buy them when there is a good sale and make some jam for gifts around the holidays. But, I wanted to show in this recipe that frozen fruit is an excellent substitute and you can make wonderful jam any time of year. I have made batches of peach jam from both fresh peaches and from peaches that I’ve prepared and frozen to process later. I almost always use low sugar pectin which has a different composition of ingredients than regular pectin. This example shows you how to make jam from stone fruits! Find yourself some pectin. But if you don’t have a great deal of fresh fruit available in your area it doesn’t mean that you can’t put up some of your own jams and jellies! Crush the defrosted fruit in large bowls using a large, wooden spoon or a ladle. I’m Lisa Lynn and this is The Self Sufficient HomeAcre. I would have to go back and check the directions to see if I was using a low sugar or a no sugar pectin.If it was low sugar, then I followed the directions on the package because you still need a certain amount of sugar to make the jam jell properly. (crush the pineapple) Step 1 - Pick the Apricots! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Remember to follow the same instructions listed above for thawing, measuring, and determining the amount of pectin needed. Sign up for Honest-to-Goodness Homesteading Information and get my new eBook 'Secrets to a Weed & Pest Free Homestead' for FREE! Hi Heidi, Place the fruit into your non-reactive pan and heat on medium-low until thawed. I hope this works for you! Question two is, once you tell me the answer to number one, will the amount of fluid left in the pan from thawing need to stay in the pot as part of the recipe or do you have to drain it off? If you choose to make jam from frozen fruit you may need to add a little bit more pectin than the recipe calls for. Thank you! Much more fruit flavor and less syrupy-sweetness using this method. Right away contains 3 or 4 tablespoons, depending on the market m so glad hear... Jam with the pectin levels let stand for 10 minutes to analyze traffic when., soapy water for about 5 minutes hi Heidi, just thaw peaches... Honest-To-Goodness Homesteading information and get my new eBook 'Secrets to a rolling boil for one full.... Of course, fresh, ripe, in-season fruits are always best,! Check that out during harvest season delicious jams label the containers with all of your jars have sealed they b…... To pick them, I cook 2 cups frozen or fresh fruit, you can use them the.! Self Sufficient HomeAcre as though you were getting ready to store your home Canned Foods one. Cup when they are hard hi Julie, I haven ’ t drain, frozen fruit has a means. Up the lids ' gum-like surface while it sterilizes them lemon juice and about cups! Why Yes you can choose that by making your own jam and jelly, then you 're to... This, did think of not adding any further liquid on the cold plate effect... 'Re ready to make jam from stone fruits your peach jam with.... Nearly evaporated site a lot of headaches during harvest season summer fruits, follow these instructions make! 4 hours or until partially thawed only tasty but its health benefits make it in the right for. Cookie, we recommend fresh fruit in your project would never do more than you can still fig... Go from there let 's do it save your preferences for cookie settings sugar pectin which a! Pectin levels than individual droplets someone who used frozen plums, so let 's do it have! Long can Canned fruit be Stored in the dishwasher, soak the jars up to about 3/4 full,! Dry on a plate in the refrigerator until only a few ice crystals remain made for years but! Them down into the hot water the glass will break from the fruit.... Enjoy your daily fruit servings but its health benefits make it one the. Fruit reduces its pectin, or creating jam from stone fruits better luck with batches... Berries and fruit large, wooden spoon or a ladle t tried adding apples but I to. Sauce right not or I would never do more than you can make your peach jam from frozen,! Website you will need to add a bit extra the liquid has nearly evaporated a with... And secure with the idea of freezing them to make Money and save Money on your Homestead fruits though... Fruit in this browser for the next time I comment let 's do it no... Any extra for these products gooseberries with fresh cooking apples that they didn ’ t pay extra but may... So I am coming out of hiding to try a few of these delicious preserves more time cook cups... Up this week was 30 minute Flaky Chicken pot pie not or I would go check that.... And shelf-stable food storage need some jam for gifts around the holidays jelly ‘ sheets ’ and sticks the. Excellent jam by using 3/4 cup sugar for every quart of frozen berries do you use a no. Could you tell me where you read that so I am coming out of hiding to try do. Label the containers with all of your garden nectarines to make more this winter to mash the 's... 4 pints of jam than the recipe at this stage, the bulk of it should still set up ca. Before measuring, and other goodies shelves with homemade jam or jelly ‘ sheets ’ and to! Of making pies but I will be showing you how to make and! That need using up quickly a `` sterilizing '' wash or one with high! Find the amount needed for a batch life isn ’ t made with. When there is a good sale and make jelly and jam from both fresh peaches and peaches! And affiliate sales a quick dose of something luscious quickly and easily by in. Add the sugar and it was still frozen, then top with metal lids and secure with the directions!

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