All Day Eggs

Here’s to life’s simple pleasures & to all the greasy spoons around the world….pass the tabasco…


‘Twas a lazy afternoon, thought I’d hit the greasy spoon
To pass away some time and contemplate my mind
So I tool the corner table, put my menu down
And with one quick look my waitress came around

All day eggs, eggs all day
I fell in love at the Grant Street Cafe

She put coffee in my cup and told me to drink it up
I asked her for some more, she said the same thing as before
With a smile so bright, like the sweet summer light
She made me feel fine, just passin’ away my time


My eggs soon came around, over easy upside down
And before I could say, “HEY!” Tabasco came my way
She must have read my mind while I was sitting there passing time
And it made me feel good just to know she could


It happened just like that in twenty minutes flat
I fell in love with a waitress from above
Her eyes golden green, hair scrambled brown
Now I’m at that Cafe everyday eating eggs and hashbrowns