Broken Things

Together they would travel for years in the sun and rain
Old Sam would ride that horse ‘till they both grew tired and lame
They made their way on the Caribou Trail, labouring over land
Then the times soon broke into them, the horse and the man

One day out on the gold trail at a Spring Country Fair
Old Sam tried to haggle away his horse for a young mare
But he was never offered much, never what she was worth
Buyers wanted what they could get for just the price of dirt

Broken fences and broken glass can’t hold anything
And broken hearts and broken dreams can’t fly without wings

Together they kept wandering on and heard the same from town to town
No one could see the value in a pair that was broken down
So Old Sam pulled them off the road to count their nickels and dimes
The was moving forward fast and they were falling far behind

One day out on the gold trail on the way to William’s Lake
Old Sam lit a fire and watched the morning break
Certain things that that were never clear took on a form and shape
There in the light of the summer dawn on the way to William’s Lake


Old Sam saw a silhouette against the bright blue sky
He saw his own reflection in the still pool of its eye
Now broken horses and broken men aren’t much of an offering
When Old Sam stopped his haggling his horse grew golden wings