Hard World

Come away, come away from the window
The day is disappearing and there’s danger down below
Come away from the window

There’s someone outside, I’m gonna lock every door
There’s something in the air I’ve never felt before
Come away from the door

My darlin’ little boy, my darlin’ little girl
Come away from the hard, hard world

Turn out all the lights, come sit down by my side
Now you must learn how to hide
Come sit down by my side

Don’t say a word, just sit and be still
Any sign of life may justify a kill
Just sit and be still

My….Take care in the hard, hard world

You did nothing wrong so please don’t cry
I’d do anything to wipe the fear from your eyes
Oh my darlin’ don’t cry

Must you ask me why, must you hesitate
How can I explain the nature of hate
Come away before it’s too late

My…. We live in a hard, hard world

Oh my God, what was that sound?
Could it be someone, have we been found?
Oh, God what was that sound?

Run away, run away and wake everyone
Sound every bell from here to kingdom come
Run away and wake everyone

My…run away and wake everyone

For it takes a little boy, it takes a little girl
To change a hard, hard world