Lonely As the Sun

I’ve known a few women like Sam, there for everyone but themselves.

Sam came from the valley with nothing in her pockets
She was just a kid, some people said, with a boyfriend in a locket
And her daddy was a drugstore cowboy at the legion drinking beer
Sam was daddy’s little girl, but daddy’s no longer here

Her mother used to say, “Hey, Samantha you gotta come down from that tree
This ain’t no time for foolin’ around, you gotta cook now for three”
And it didn’t take Sam too long before she’d stay out after dark
Hanging out with her friends all night in the park

There’s a bright place where no one ever goes
It’s so far out of reach, with a story nobody knows
But Sam shines her light on everyone
With a burning as lonely as the sun

Rodney was her boyfriend, he had a hockey scar on his chin
Every time he stepped onto the ice you’d look for a fight to begin
Then one night he took off in his Duster and he never came around again
The Ravens lost a forward, Sam lost her boyfriend

So Sam packed up her bags and took the bus into town
There was nothing left for her anymore and this was no time for foolin’ around
Cause every childhood memory was a like a thorn on a rose
Innocence a garden where only blood flows


She finally made her way down to Hastings and Main
In all the backalleys everyone knew her name
She met a lot of men who promised her the stars
The closest she ever got were the bright lights in the bars

So she tapped into a vein and she tried to break free
Just like Noah’s dove, trapped between the sky and sea
When the police they finally found her she was face down in the sand
Nothing in her pockets, just a locket in her hand