Peaceful Son

I started writing this song years ago and then came back to it after the Columbine shootings in the US. I had a rough time as a teenager and felt that at times no one cared. It may sound hackneyed and simple, but listening is so very essential.


Hey there folks, can you spare some of your time?
Time to listen and hear out your own son
He’s trying to speak,something’s on his mind
But I fear that some damage has been done

He’s been in the front lines fighting for his dreams
He’s been in the market buying into schemes
He’s been in the streets sleeping in the rain
Now he’s under your roof taking shelter once again

Father, he’s never known killing
Mother, he’s never fired a gun
He’s tried to live without hurting anyone
He’s tried to be your peaceful son

Sometimes he feels he’s living in another time
Feeling wasted and left so far behind
Like some soldier shell-shocked in the sand
Left for dead in no man’s land


When there’s nothing to believe you lie ’till you turn blue
When no one listens, silence smothers you
When there’s nothing to give you take what you can steal
When you’re feeling numb nothing is what you feel

Father, he’s thinking about killing
Mother, he’s thinking about a gun
He’s tried but he can’t live without hurting anyone
Because he is your son