Share A Glass

Written on Granville Island in Vancouver for a friend trying to cope in ‘Rain City’. That’s Yuko on the recorder solo.


The ferry crossed the creek for the last time today
And the bartender’s trigger happy, he’s giving shots away
Cause the Canucks are up, it’s the Stanley Cup and the party’s just begun
But your head is in the clouds and it’s blocking out the sun

These Vancouver rainy days can drown every minute of light
While we’re counting the cost for all things lost by a candle’s melting light
If you take me to your heart you will never be alone
And when the rain it starts to pass we’ll try and make it home

When the season brings a chill, I’ll promise that I’ll stay
Till the rivers start to thaw and the snow melts away
And when you’re feeling down and the world moves too fast
We’ll turn this table into a home and together we’ll share a glass

Together let’s take a walk through the cool abalone night
Where dreams are etched into the sky by an ocean of moonlight
And when we rest we’ll call it home and a glass we will share
Till the stars turn to smoke and the wine not air


You never had to go far to find your lucky stars
Cause everything you’ve ever needed is wherever you are
So if you need a tune a song I will be
And if you need a partner you can dance away with me