Trying to Unwind

There sits the captain, a sailor for our time
Stuck in shallow water and trying to unwind
I asked my sweet goddess to please show me a sign
She said “I ain’t got nothing that you can’t find”

So I climbed up on the mast
It was a funny thing to see
That I’m just like you and you’re just like me
Alibis and mysteries vanish in the dust
Now let us drink to life and its lusts

Gambling with the deputy, playing with his badge
We took away everything that he ever had
A billboard sign haunts my mind
A lot of hard work and precious time goes into those signs

Outside of the cannery picking fruit for the factory
Covered in a mist in was highway robbery
Thank God and thank Christ for giving everything a price
Boys will be boys breaking all their toys

Castaway at sea looking for a hand
Just make like a yellow submarine man
And dive under the waves, save what must be saved
Bang your drum and lead your own parade

Don’t forget the map, don’t leave that behind
Let a compass be your guide and everything that you find
Will open up and let you in and claim you as its own
And you will finally see that everywhere is your home